When traveling, the key is layering light pieces for versatility and comfort. One moment, you might be running through the airport, desperately trying to catch your flight. The next minute, you’re freezing on a plane with only a flimsy, itchy blanket to keep warm.

Leggings are always a stylish option when on the go, and keeping the color palette to mostly black is a smart choice.

Just because you’re in transit though, is no excuse to go sloppy and wear baggy clothes. My top and bottom are fitted and I opted for a pair of heeled boots instead of sneakers because you should always look your best! Adding a sophisticated striped shirtdress pulls the whole look together.

The blue handbag complements the topper and with the necklace, add a touch of interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

With this ensemble, I’m ready for anything on the road – shopping, meeting clients, having dinner!