Exercise is a vital part of maintaining a healthy life, but I know it can be hard to follow through with it, so why not dress up for some much needed motivation?

I always feel ready to work up a sweat when I put on a cute workout outfit, instead of a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants.

A simple black athletic tank top paired with slimming leggings make me feel sexy on my morning jogs. Opt for breathable, wicking fabric to absorb any moisture and keep you cool.

Of course, proper foot attire is required and lucky for us, there are tons of variety nowadays. You can find runners to suit every mood and outfit. I chose light pink Nikes to add a bit of femininity. Make sure your sneakers fit our feet properly and suit your exercise choice, otherwise you could end up injuring yourself!

Now get out there, pump up the music, and get your heart racing!